Borewell Drilling

Borewells are vertically drilled wells to extract water from underground aquifers. The borewell pipes that are inserted to draw water out are known as column pipes. These column pipes play a major role in the functioning and life of the borewell.

Borewells can be categorized on various parameters. Two Major parameters are: method Used for borewell and Type of Borewell Pipe used. Method and Machinery Used can vary depending on geological factors and the purpose of borewell.

The types of Borewell are:

  • Hard Borewell
  • Slow Rig and Rotary Rig
  • Power Rig

There are various drilling methods too like Water Jetting, Augur Drilling, Calyx Drilling, Percussion Drilling, Rotary Drilling, Down the Hole Hammering (DTH) Drilling, etc.